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Lets explore human design together
Are you ready to take the next step?

One 2 one sessions are a great way to help you peel back the layers surrounding your design. 

Each session is personalised to your unique human design chart and will help you to:

*Understand your gifts
*Gain clarity around your life story
*Become more confident and empowered
*Help you to manage your energy 

*Understand your strengths
*Value your strengths

You can choose to focus your session on:

* Your life story
* Your business journey
* Your parenting journey 

All one 2 one sessions will be delivered via a zoom session and will explore:

* How you interact with the world
* How to make the best possible decisions for you
* The gifts within your chart 
* Your life purpose
* The environment in which you best operate 
* How you best communicate

* Your life themes


As an added bonus you will also receive a selection of mini videos designed just for you to help you learn how you can work with your design so that you can live the life your magical map intended for you.

Let's get started ..

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Life One 2 One Sessions are suitable if you would like to explore your life themes, purpose, shadow themes and your unique gifts. 


The Life Reading will empower you to live a happy, fulfilled, successful life.

Life readings are great for:

  • Confidence

  • Leaning into your gifts

  • Gain clarity on what holds you back

  • Your life themes

  • Your Life purpose 

  • The environment you thrive in

  • How you best interact with the world

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Business One 2 One Sessions are suitable if you would like to explore how you can build and grow a magnetic business. 


The Business Reading will help you to understand how you best communicate, market, sell, make money and how to build a thriving business which is fully aligned to you.

Business readings are great for:

  • Marketing + Sales

  • Leaning into your gifts

  • Gain clarity on what holds you back

  • Your business purpose

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Parenting One 2 One Sessions are suitable if you would like to understand your family dynamics and how you can support your children via Human Design. 


The Parenting Reading's include up to 4 people.

Parenting readings are great for:

  • Understanding the strengths of your family.

  • Leaning into the gifts of your child / children

  • Gain clarity on how to understand the magnetic make up of your children

  • Your purpose as a family

Next steps:

As soon as you have purchased your session you will receive an email to confirm your order and a suggestions for a date / time for our zoom call together. Thank you for choosing me to help you navigate your magical map of life.


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