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Magnetise your life and business with Human Design


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You came here to live a wonderful  life

human design is the map to help you live the best possible version of your story.

the world around you tells you everyday what you need to do in order to thrive and live a full life. 

human design teaches us that there isn't a one size fits all. We all have our own unique way of interacting with the world in order to live a full, happy and successful life.

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"It’s much easier to be who you really are than who you think you should be"

At the heart of Human Design lies a chart called the "Bodygraph" 

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the bodygraph chart will help you to understand your gifts, your life theme, purpose, how you best express yourself, work with others, parent and build meaningful relationships and so much more. It's the magical map to who you came here to be.


Effie Moss

Type: Projector

Personality: 4/6

Authority: Splenic

What is Human Design

ready to find out who you came here to be?

Let's start with your Energy Type and get clear on how you can be "more you"


Manifesting Generator


Gate of the week


Human Design is changing lives

Jump in and join us! 

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"Inside each and everyone of us is a gift waiting to be released into the world"

I'm Effie and I have been "entre-pre-neuring" since I was 8 years old - truly! I sold my first ever handmade friendship bracelets from my school desk, the one with the pop up lids - remember those ;)

Fast forward "a number of" years ...

I have launched my products on QVC, faced the dragons on Dragons Den in front of 12 million people, have trained 1000's of Independent business owners around the world, built the most amazing communities and am an avid human / business cheerleader.

I love love using Human Design to help people understand who they came here to be and how they can share their amazing gifts with the world. 

My hope is that one day we exist in a world where we can show up and do what we love everyday. I really believe that Business infused with Human Design can help us to get there.

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I came here to live a wonderful life and build a business that means something .. Did you?


My Story

Bea, UK

Getting to know our 19-month-old twin girls through Human Design was one of the most valuable gifts we could ever receive. Yet, prior to Effie's introduction, we hadn't had any idea something so special existed. Effie spent hours going through every aspect of our daughters' beautiful design and explained it in detail. With passion and love so authentic to her personality, she showed us our girls' true potential. It's very empowering to know that the way we design the world around them can help fulfill their happy life. And after all, isn't that what every parent wishes for their children?

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