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Why do you need Online Challenges?

Yesterday I chatted about how to increase the reach on your page 😀

Lets look at an idea which doesn't involve posting quotes!

Soo anybody who knows me, knows I love a good challenge. I am a HUGE fan of creating online challenges for my community to join in with.

For the Kindness Co, we are running a random acts of Kindness challenge this month, 30 days of different things you can do to extend kindness to somebody else.Challenges are particularly effective as they:

* Get People Involved with something fun to do! * Your community members will respond to your posts and engage with you * Its a brilliant way to build relationships with your community * Adds an extra depth to your business 😀

Have a think about the type of challenges you could run! I have seen communities run meet ups, tree planting and even plastic free beach cleans 😎

What can you do to bring your community into your business? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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