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What are your community numbers really telling you?

My something new and exciting grew legs in the last 24 hours. I should also point out that this has been created purely from a passion to lift up the amazing small businesses on the lovely island I happen to live on 😊

Community is a gift, it sits at the heart of the both the businesses I support and own. I believe it is fundamental to helping any type of business (b2b or b2c) get their message in front of the very people who need to see it. I also believe that it forms a brilliant foundation to establish customer loyalty, which you can then grow forward, from 😊

This screenshot shows a few very important things:

1. When you have a cause and a message and you are clear as to what that cause and message are, people will always support you 😀

2. The most important number here is the post reach number, which was achieved in less than 24 hours 😊 (this community is less than 24 hours old!)

3. There are 514 current opportunities to establish a relationship and build a community from 😚

These are the numbers I care about and believe in and have been so lucky to see over and over again work for the businesses that place community at the heart of their marketing strategy.

How are you using yours?

How are you listening to the thoughts and voices of your customers?


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