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The Monday Club has arrived :)

So what is The Monday Club and why is it here?

Firstly, there are ALOT of amazing business owners out there who can teach you about business, where to start and all of the in's and out's of running a business that you love 😀

Whilst I mentor a lot of people and support a number of business owners with their companies, I have discovered over time that I fundamentally believe that placing community at the heart of your business will help you jump ahead the competition and serve those who need your product or service :)

So I am planning to start with community, no matter you build it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc..

Secondly! Monday's ALWAYS seem to be the one day of the week we struggle to get out of bed for 😀 If you are truly doing the thing that you love and working from a place of Joy, Mondays can also be filled with excitement and a spring in your step!

I would love to see more people join the Monday mission and show up in the world as their best selves.

All I kindly ask is for participation, if you feel you would like to respond to a post :) My website hasn't been finished yet either!

I just thought it would be fun to get going and build the Monday Club Community..

Are you in - feel free to click here and join my New Community :)

I hope so!



About Effie Moss:

Effie Moss is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, a Small Business Cheerleader and a Marketing and Community Strategist. Having grown communities with a conversational reach of 7 million a week, across many different industries, she spends her day helping people realise their business potential.

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