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Never Leave a Comment Behind!

Today I am going to chat about a concept I really love - "Never leave a comment behind"

So what does this mean? Well, it is exactly that! When a community member leaves a comment on a post, take the time to respond or to react to the post.

Stats show that those who take the time to respond will see a steady increase in engagement and a happier community too.

People want to feel that their contributions are valued 😀

If you fail to respond or to react, you will see a natural decline in engagement and given how hard it is to capture the attention of your community members in the first place, it is very unlikely they will come back.

Sometimes you may receive ALOT of comments, on the Kindness Co platform, I can receive 1000's of comments and unfortunately, as much as I would like to, there just isn't enough time to respond to everybody.

However I will respond to as many people as I can, even if takes me a few days just to love the comment 💕If a stranger came upto you in the street and started chatting, you would engage, you wouldn't turn away and keep walking (at least I hope you wouldn't or this would be a pretty bad analogy) .. it's the same online 😀

"Never Leave a Comment Behind" .. Engage, love and always be Kind!

Is it something you feel you can do?

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