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Marketing Strategy V's Customer Journey - What's the difference?

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

When reviewing your end to end Marketing Strategy it is important to look at how you are addressing the changing temperatures of your traffic. Moving your customer through your business journey that is logical and provides information about your business and the products or services it provides, alongside the value they will provide to your customer, should normally sit before revealing the price.

A customer journey should be planned carefully.

For example, if you reveal the price too early, you will lose the opportunity to connect with your customer on a story level, which will deepen their relationship with you and create longevity. It is also a great idea to ensure that your copy is relatable to your customer and can align with their pain points, rather than talk AT them about how wonderful your product or service is.

With this in mind, a good flow within your Funnel would normally follow the pattern below:

1. Catchy Title: Which Speaks TO your customer

2. Video: Introducing your business, to create Trust, Relatability and Credibility

3. Benefits: Explain the benefits of your Product / Service using terminology which is relatable and can be easily understood

4. Free Download: Provide your customers with a download which adds tremendous value and enables them to verify that you are truly an Expert in your field

5. Meet Our Team: Who are the team behind the company?

6. Sell: At this point you have taken your customer on a journey and are now in a position to Sell to them

7. FAQ’s: Provide your customer with further confidence by for-seeing questions they might have.


About Effie Moss:

Effie Moss is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, a Small Business Cheerleader and a Marketing and Community Strategist. Having grown communities with a conversational reach of 7 million a week, across many different industries, she spends her day helping people realise their business potential.

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