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How to Plan your Content!

As promised, today I am chatting about content and how you can create and plan your content to ensure your customers and your community members hear from you regularly 😀

So firstly, I should point out that using a scheduler is my most favourite robotic friend. I tend to use the scheduling tools within Facebook itself - I have created a short video, which can be found inside of the Monday Club group.

You can use tools such as Zoho, Eclincher, Planoly etc.. to post across multiple platforms. My preference at the moment is eclincher for multiple platforms, as you can post the same content, on different days, across different platforms.

The second is to sit down and batch create your content for a week.For example, on a Friday, when life tends to be a little more quiet, carve out an hour, write a list of the topics / news you would like to share, which will:

* Educate your audience * Create Awareness for your business * Get your Community involved

And then plan them into your scheduler. Choose the time you know your audience is online and hit that schedule button.

I am really lucky to run some pretty big platforms, my own and my customers. Scheduling saves me so much time!

OH! But I should say, I only plan one week ahead. I always like to remain flexible with my audience and adjust if I need to.

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