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How to Get Your Audience Involved!

Get Your Audience Involved is one of my most favourite aspects of Community 😀

I am a huge people person and I love love making connections, it fills me up with so much Joy! However I do recognise that not everybody is and sometimes putting yourself out there can also be quite scary - I have had those moments too :)

Community Growth is related to how far your posts can Reach.

Reach is related to Engagement 😎

So when you create a post on your platforms, rather than talk AT people, think about how you can bring them into the post.

How can you encourage them to take time out of their busy day and comment on your post!A combination of shares, likes and comments will increase the engagement and reach of your community!

That is the organic secret sauce and often why you see so many people, including me, post quotes on their pages!

Let me know how you get on 😀

How do you engage your audience?

Keep an eye out as tomorrow I will chat about an idea you can use to get your community involved which doesn't involve quote spam 😘

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