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How often should I post?

One of the most frequent questions I am often asked is "How often should I post?"

My response is normally "What are you trying to do with your platforms?"

Are you using your platforms for growth - ie: you would like more sales!

Or are you using your platforms for awareness? Ie: you would like more people to know about your brand?

Or are you using your platforms to build a community and create ambassadors for your brand?

If you choose all, then you need to show up everyday, in front of your audience 2-3 times a day. It has to be part of the cadence you establish when running your business, the same applies to growth.

Unless you have lots of money to spend for Ads, it will be hard to generate sales leads by posting 1-2 times a week 😀

Awareness and Education should be a minimum of once a day. Just think of the amount of people online and the amount of content they see everyday. If you would like them to see you, then you need to stay front and centre!If you are now thinking, how am I going to create content and keep ontop of it!

Keep an eye out for tomorrow's post 😎

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