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Build a Marketing Strategy that Works across ALL of your Channels:

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Have you ever taken a moment to review all of the touch points into your business to ensure that they join up?

Building a Marketing Strategy that works across All of your Channels ensures that your business can deliver its message consistently through multiple touch points, creating one voice and a brand that your customers can identify with.

Businesses generally have multiple touch points, this normally starts with a Website or a Funnel. Customers will land here to look for information about you and your business and the services you provide.

Quick Question: How confident are you that your Website can convert your prospects, looking for more information?

In addition to a website, All Social Media Channels, Chatbots, Video, Email, Blog, Lead Gen activities, SEO, PPC, Sales Funnels and Offline Marketing activity, such as Sales calls, meetings etc.. all act as touch points into your business.

Ensuring that everything works together will not only determine that your customers are receiving the right message, it will also help to build trust and credibility to enable them to make the decision to purchase the service that you have to offer.

Quick Question(s):

How many different touch points do you currently have within your business?

Do you have a clear strategy which supports all parts and ensures that they work together?

Before you throw any money at online ads, invest in PPC campaigns or hire an SEO guru, take a step back and review what is in front of you. A great Marketing expert will be always be able to help you create a strategy that aligns with your vision and suggest changes that will create an impact for your business.


About Effie:

Effie Moss is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, a Small Business Cheerleader and a Marketing and Community Strategist. Having grown communities with a conversational reach of 7 million a week, across many different industries, she spends her day helping people realise their business potential.

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