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My Book 

The Long Journey Home

Now out on Amazon!


For 6 years I grew a company founded on a teepee pattern I had created on my living room floor to a global company with a 7 figure revenue stream. Just For Tiny People became the very essence of my existence throughout those 6 years, pulling me into a journey which not only taught me the brilliance and the brutality of start up, it also showed me the value of community and the responsibilities that are intrinsically linked with building an online presence reaching 7 million people a week. 


As time passed by and I started to reset and heal, reflection became one of my greatest gifts. Looking back, I started to join the dots and began to see that things happened exactly as they were meant to. The people I met, the accomplishments, the learnings, all of it, held a very special gift, one which I could lean into and use to shape my business, my values and the person I wanted to show up In this world as.

This book is my story. It has been hiding inside of me for many years. I wrote it initially to share with my Alice, to help her understand that when Life hands you juicy lemons, the ability to bounce back lies within you and only you. 

I really hope you like it !


AMAZON - 5 Star Review

An inspirational life story about courage, resilience, love and hardship. I just had to read the book cover to cover in one sitting. Many incredible lessons on how to cope when faced with formidable critisim and resistance. Reminds one of what is important and gives one hope.

AMAZON - 5 Star Review

What a journey indeed! This is a great read for not just aspiring business owners but anyone who wants to read a fascinating journey weaving learnings from business with self discovery and, without giving away any spoilers, recovery.
I really enjoyed this honest and open account of Effie Moss' experience in building her business. It's easy to make judgments from the outside, viewing what an individual has achieved or tried to achieve from your own perspective. It's something we all do from time to time, especially when there are so many accounts of following a dream from kitchen table to wildly successful business. The reality is far more complex that that and Effie Moss' account in The Long Journey Home takes the reader on the inside track.
Her writing is from the heart and from the outset the reader is pulled in. I read this in one sitting! It was so refreshing to read not just about the ups but the downs too. And ultimately how these have shaped Effie Moss to get to where she is today. Highly recommend!

AMAZON - 5 Star Review

Effie Moss should be very proud of herself, she is brave, courageous, compassionate, kind & inspirational human being, and a loving wife, and a wonderful mother to her beautiful daughter Alice....
 I just couldn't put it down, I had tears, but also felt very inspired by Effie's words, which has given me hope for myself, that life can get better.
I am so pleased you have found your happy place Effie, "A Must Read"

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